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When my daughter M. was 6 months old we started the Music Together® classes for the first time  - the semester was about Sticks if I remember correctly. While I was totally into the whole scene, M. was very reluctant and even scared of the noise coming from Robins guitar. However, generally after the Hello song she would settle in and observe the class, rather than participate. After a first semester like this, I happily signed up for a second, then third, then 4th semester, and slowly but surely Malou would start participating – shake the eggs, click the sticks and even say good bye to the guitar on a good day.




Today, having joined for the 6th semester at the age of 2 ½ M. sings along to all the songs, both in class and in the car (Ram Sam Sam is a particular favorite) and I often overhear her singing the Hello song, which she was scared of in the beginning, to herself and her dolls in the bed at night.




I am thrilled that we didn’t give up in the beginning, but kept at it, as music is very important to me and now also my daughter. So thank you for the great program and see you next semester.


After 7(!) terms of Music Together, Luna will ‘graduate’ at the end of this term. 

We enjoyed each new album, and I am glad to end on a very high note - this term’s collection is most certainly Luna’s favourite. It is pure joy seeing how she has grown both in her appreciation for music, but also in her ability to express this through movement and song. 

I thank you for the experience and look forward to finding new avenues to develop Luna’s musical side. 

I will also be enthusiastically recommending the programme to friends and colleagues. 

Wishing you every happiness and success as you bring so much joy to kids and their families through music.


Today we've attended our first music class In Fournex. It was amassing. This class beats all my expectation. Nataliya was really great. My daughter liked it very much. At the beginning she was observing everyboby and at the end she felt herself very confident and relax. In the evening we've heard the CD and looked the book. It is great. I just wanted to tell you thanks for organizing such wonderful classes.

Thank you very much!


It is magnificent to see your child recognise the songs and join in with actions


Vihaan our 20 month old took a couple of weeks to get familiar with the class and now he promptly informs us on Saturday's that that's where he'd like to be. Vihaan is not alone in his eagerness. As parents we've loved seeing him grow with music and both Vihaan and his father are not happy campers when  there is no class. We love it!


For the last four trimesters we have been to the Music Together classes of Ellen and Robin with our son Tobias. He (or should I say 'we') loves ('love') it! It is very special to spend such quality musical time with your child - even on a early Saturday morning... - and the energy and enthusiasm of the team of Ellen and Robin is impressive and addictive. We hope to attend many more classes!'
parents of Tobias, 20 months old boy



Music  Together has literally “Rocked” our 18 month-old daughter’s world!  It not only has given Olive an appreciation for her child friendly songs, but she has become a lover of all music and instruments.  What Olive has learned in class, she assimilates into her everyday world.  Stopping on the street to listen to a street musician play, dancing when she hears a song or rhythm that moves her, or when she rides in a car, sees a dog or cat, starts to sing or do the movements to the appropriate song that she learned in class!

Music Together has not only developed our daughter into a music lover, but has expanded her interacting skills, coordination and vocabulary.

Thank to all our friends at Music Together




Since attending Music Together for the past three trimesters Emile's innate musicality has been enriched greatly by the various activities provided by Ellen and Robin.  He's developed his natural interest in all musical instruments particularly guitars and percussion.  Through the songs and dancing he is able to express who he is and create his own music and encourage participation by all the family with loads of fun and laughing all the way !

Thank you so much



I had a wonderful moment today when my daughter (3 years old) started improvising lyrics to the tune of some of her favourite Music Together songs - it was lovely to hear her singing about what was happening at that moment in our home and reinforced how valuable the weekly music classes are to her development, confidence and her general sense of music.  I absolutely love the Music Together class, in fact I often wonder if I enjoy it more than my kids! The Wednesday class is great and today I felt that it was starting to have a real community / group spirit, which is largely due to Ceri’s wonderful leadership and engagement.  So thank you so much, and we look forward to continuing with you for the next semester.


We are very happy to be part of the Music Together experience.
Honestly, I am very impressed, with the whole program, the teacher and the whole experience.
I have visited my nephew´s music class few years ago in Prague and would attend music for babies while I was working at a nursery in Frankfurt and your course just exceeded my expectations. I heard about your course two years ago and I just thought-we dont need external music class, we have instruments at home! I guess there is a right time for everything but somehow I wish it didnt take that long for me to realize what we have been missing out on this. I like music but somehow did not know how to make it part of our daily life that much. And now it is:
Music Together has given me new energy, I am full of it and I love it. We play the music at home all day long, we play it in the car, we sing it, we dance it, we live it every day since we started. What I love the most is that it is a whole package, i.e.the program offers singing, dancing, rhythm, intonation, patterns, music instruments, culture and yet it is international. It is fun for all generations.
For my son, English is the third language and he is picking up words from the class that he repeats then at home. He asks me to even sing the songs to him before bedtime.
And of course, Ceri, the teacher, is not only musician but also talented in guiding groups, making it entertaining for all of us, from babies to grandparents.
I dont keep this praise to myself, I have been sharing it with all my friends (whether they have kids or not):) just because I think every child deserves to experience such fun with music.
Thank you for all your love and enthusiasm you put into the music class.
Miriam, mum of Alexandros

My little one loves this class and Sophie. We enjoy singing together. Sophie is lovely with great attitude and positive energy Sare’s mum


I am not sure who enjoyed it more, us parents or the children. Absolutely amazing! Awesome music environment. Way different to anything I have experienced. Sophie is a brilliant entertainer and is so gifted in what she does. The children had so much fun! A brilliant investment of time Poppy’s mum


Music Together is the best! My son loves to go to music and he loves Sophie. I think the classes are great as well. It is the perfect time for us to jam, learn, and play together. Hearing his little voice "la-la-ing" through life is the sweetest Kai’s mum


We just love these classes for a great combination of music, dance and playing instruments. I wish we had them everyday. Agastya’s mum

About Sophie

I have been attending music together with my daughter for the last two years and we enjoyed every single class. The classes are run professionally and all the teachers show their love for children and music in a personal and positive way. The music together songs are part of our daily life and it is incredible to watch how my daughter developed her love for music through the classes as well as the song books and CDs at home.