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Eaux-vives location

During the summer, classes in Eaux-vives take place at Herstreet. 

See information about the location here

Hello Summer

Registration for Summer classes and Summer camps is open

Summer classes (0 to 5 years old): more information here

Summer Camp (4 to 7 years old): more information here


Les inscriptions aux cours d'été et camps d'été sont ouvertes

Cours d'été (0 - 5 ans): plus d'info

Camps d'été (4 - 7 ans): plus d'info

Fall 2019 is on!

Fall 2019 - start in the week of September 23: reserve your spot! 

more information

Automne 2019 - débute la semaine du 23 septembre : réservez déjà votre place ! 

plus d'info


Trial class - Cours d'essai

Sign up for a TRIAL --- S'inscrire pour un cours d'essai

Tuition: free during the two first week of a term

From the tird week, reduced price: 15CH


See our section "Customer Feedback " to hear from other parents

Birthday Party

We  come to your place for one hour of fun with Music Together®!! Write us for more information