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With Music Together® Online, you’ll have access to the same high-quality music and movement curriculum loved by millions of families and teachers around the world—from home!

Music Together Online program has been specially designed by specialists who take into account the developmental aspects of children from 0 to 7 years old.

The principle of online lessons is not that your children are passively watching a show or cartoon. On the contrary, it's about being active and enjoying a fun time with the family. Through play, children learn new skills, learn self-regulation, connect with their world, and much more. 

Singing, dancing, and playing in Music Together Online classes naturally supports the skills your preschooler is actively developing, including math, language, pre-literacy, and executive functions. (That's why we say #MusicLearningSupportAllLearning.) Plus, it's fun for the whole family.

For babies, young children learn to "speak" the language of music the same way they learn to speak their native language: through a permanent exhibit. Singing, dancing, and making music with your child throughout the day is all you need to do to support your little musician.  In our online classes, you'll learn many fun and interactive musical activities that will support your child's growth in many areas, including physical, social-emotional, language, and early brain development. All without screen time for your little one and without moving around.

During each live/interactive mini-class, your favorite teachers from Music Together in Geneva Center will lead activities for you and your whole family to sing, play, and jam along to. We’ll be using songs from the current collection, and your teacher will show you how to make everyday items like dish towels, pots, and stuffies into musical props! Classes are appropriate for children under 5, the whole family is welcome to participate!  

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