tree-to-5-year olds class

Online & in-person 3-to-5-year olds musical classes

“Music-learning supports all learning.®” 3-to-5-year olds class helps naturally build skills preschoolers are actively developing: math, pre-literacy, language, physical, executive functions.

Preschoolers thrive in Music Together® whether it is in-person or on-line class. They love interacting with the teacher, contributing ideas, and showing off what they are learning. And, in online classes, older children don’t see it as a “baby” class, since their interaction is mostly with teacher.

With 3-to-5-year olds online class, parents can just “show up” and have fun participating, knowing that the activities are educationally sound. There’s no prep—and no cleanup!


This class is also open to sibling under 3 years old!