Saturday class in Meyrin

We are happy to introduce our special Saturday classes in a brand new location: Satyam yoga studio 
at the Vergers eco-neighborhood in Meyrin.
- For 8 Saturdays at 9:30 
- Saturday, October 6 till Saturday, December 22 
- No class during these dates: 29/09 - 13/10 - 17/11 - 01/12
- Holidays: 22 - 27 of October NO CLASS THIS WEEK 
Tuition is 250.-CHF for the first child for 8 weeks. New families pay a one-off registration fee of 50.- CHF. 
Other joining siblings pay 80.-CHF from 6 months. Free tuition for siblings 4 and older. 
These classes are designed for: 
- Families who would like to take their children to one of our family music classes but don’t want to commit every single Saturday to an activity.
- Families who would like to do music with their children as an extra activity (for example a second or third activity) but don’t have the time during the week.
- Underground parking right in front of the yoga studio 
- The Vergers area is conveniently located 5 minutes away by car to Meyrin shopping centre 
and many supermarkets in neighboring France, allowing parents to do their shopping right 
after class 
- The area is fully car free and a family friendly hub: playgrounds, bars and shops are all in the making